• TV wall mounting service
  • Home Theater systems
  • Whole house audio
  • Network system installation
  • Home automation
  • Security camera system installation

What we offer:


TV wall mounting service

Flat-screen TVs are expensive, somewhat delicate, and surprisingly heavy. Our professional tv installation will safe guard the investment you’ve already made in your TV. Also, our pro installers can help you determine the best location for mounting, to help make your home theater as epic as possible.

What’s included with TV Wall Mounting service?
    • Installation of fixed, tilt, or articulating TV mounting bracket
    • Securing the TV and load testing the hardware
    • Wire concealment within walls or conduit 

Whole house audio

Imagine music flowing through your rooms like light from the windows or cool air from the vents. That’s what it feels like when the speakers are built into your walls or ceilings.

Your music can come from an Internet service like Spotify®, or from a computer or hard drive that’s attached to your home network. It’s easy to play one song in the family room and another in your bedroom. Or play the same music throughout the house. You can use your smartphone or tablet as a remote control. In addition we can install in-wall controls.

Ready to plan the perfect system for your home? Give us a call.

Network system installation

Home Networking seamlessly integrates your computers, laptops, printers, smart-phones and tablets. If you have more than one computer and more than one user in your home, odds are you would benefit from our Home Network services. These days installing a network can be done one of two ways, wired or wireless. One of our system designers will come out to your house for free to consult with you; we will help you pick a Networking solution that works best for you.

Security camera system installation

Keeping an eye on your home with modern security camera systems has never been easier. We offer camera systems with up to 4k video resolution therefor capturing even the tiniest details. In addition to high video resolution our gear is equipped with the latest in infrared night vision technology so you can monitor your residence 24 hours a day.

What’s included with this service?
  • Camera placement consultation
  • Mounting cameras
  • Running cables from cameras to recording device
  • Concealing cables in walls, attic or conduit
  • Programming and tutorial for system use